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Sports Thoughts: Female referees speak of the sexism they have faced with their sport

Last year was a turning point for women’s sports. Marked by the success of the Lionesses at the Euros, opportunities for female athletes soared. For women’s football in particular, in 2021, around 33 million people tuned in to watch domestic women’s sport. As a result, many young girls and women feel encouraged to get involved and play themselves. But what about the opportunities for female officials?

In 2020, the FA claimed that the number of female referees in English football increased by 72

Sheffield United women enjoy positive start to the new season

The success of the Lionesses this summer in the Euros has generated a massive boost in the popularity of women’s football. Bramall Lane hosted some games, including the semi-final, which saw the Lionesses take on Sweden.

Head Coach of Sheffield United’s women’s team, Neil Redfearn, has expressed his delight that the women’s team will play all their home games at Bramall Lane this season.

A few new faces were added to the squad during the summer. One addition to keep an eye on is Wales internat

Sheffield Sharks notch their second win of the season

On Friday, the B. Braun Sheffield Sharks took on Newcastle Eagles in their sixth match of the 2022/23 season.

The teams last met on 25th March in a match that saw the Sharks take home the win with a 20-point lead. Since then, the Newcastle Eagles have changed all but two of their squad members.

The team are learning from each match as they look to perfect their roster.

Picking up the pace in the third quarter, the Sharks won 66-59, sealing their sixth victory in a row against the Eagles.


Euro’s semi-final victory boosts gender equality campaigns

Last night we saw England sail through to the final round of the women’s Euros, beating Sweden 4-0 at Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane.

In the crowd, men, women, and children alike celebrated as the Lionesses sealed their historic victory.

England’s success this summer will leave a lasting legacy, inspiring millions of young women and girls to get involved in football.

Victoria Wood, who works for the University of Sheffield and is one of the ambassadors for the Her Game Too campaign, stated:

A landslide victory for the University of Sheffield at Varsity 2022

Over the last fortnight, the University of Sheffield took on Sheffield Hallam University in Sheffield’s biggest university sporting event of the year.

Uni of sealed a comfortable victory at 52 points while Sheffield Hallam ended with 26.5 points by the end of the competition.

The highlight was the men’s football 1s. Despite tough competition from Sheffield Hallam, an overturned decision from the referee allowed the University of Sheffield to take home the point in a close match, which ended 3-

Sheffield Varsity 2022: The University of Sheffield Women's Football 2s narrowly miss out on a victory

The match at Hallam Sports Park between Sheffield Hallam and the University of Sheffield’s Women’s Football 2s resulted in a 2-2 draw.

With kick-off at 17:30, the teams’ nerves had built up during the day after watching their teammates in the first and third teams.

As the match went underway, both teams were fighting hard to retain possession, and the game began particularly fast-paced.

Unfortunately for the Black and Gold team, Hallam seemed to get the better of them.

The first goal of the

University of Sheffield's Women's Football 1s take home the point for Varsity

The University of Sheffield Women’s Football 1s have beaten Sheffield Hallam 2-1 in a close game at Hallam Sports Park yesterday.

Nobody could deny that the was air filled with a certain tension before the match.

After a long wait for the return of Varisty, the atmosphere before the match was filled with tension.

Varsity is the most exciting sporting event for Sheffield’s universities, so expectations and nerves were unsurprisingly high.

The kick-off was at 2 pm, with the strength and effort

Sheffield Wednesday left frustrated after a 1-1 draw with Accrington Stanley

20,688 people were in attendance to watch Sheffield Wednesday take on Accrington Stanley at Hillsborough Stadium last night.

The long-awaited fixture finally took place after a flooded pitch meant the match couldn’t take place on 16th February. The previous match-up resulted in a 2-3 win to the Owls on 20th November.

Darren Moore brought in Liam Palmer, Dominic Iorfa, and Callum Paterson to his starting line-up, benching Jack Hunt, Lewis Gibson and Lee Gregory. Accrington Stanley made a couple

Cycling Sheffield hope to gain more support after a successful team launch

During the pandemic, the team lost a year and a half of racing, and despite some competitions returning last May, things still seemed uncertain.

Dave Coulson at Cycling Sheffield said in an interview: “When it’s your business, your job its quite difficult".

But being away from the competitive side of the sport for so long made the launch feel more sentimental.

The team now feels more confident with a calendar packed full of races, and there is a sense of ‘bounce-back’ optimism, as Dave Coulso

Sheffield Steelers out of the Challenge Cup

In a disappointing performance against the Cardiff Devils, the Sheffield Steelers lost their place in the final of the Challenge Cup last night.

The team had faced the Devils on Sunday when a penalty shoot-out resulted in defeat. This follow-up match would have been a chance to rectify the mistakes made in their last game, but it wasn’t meant to be.

With Marco Vallerand missing from the Steelers’ line-up, the starting six included: Davey Phillips, Kevin Schulze, Robert Dowd, John Armstrong, Ev

Sheffield Steelers come away with two points against Manchester Storm

The Steelers left the ice victorious last night after beating Manchester Storm 5-2 at the Utilita arena.

This win puts them two points clear of Cardiff Devils, at the top of the Elite Ice Hockey League.

Manchester Storm began with a strong starting six made up of Jason Bacashihua in goal and Lind Springer, Dallas Ehrhardt, Scott Simmonds, Adam Brady and Frankie Melton in the first line.

Meanwhile, Barry Brust, Kevin Schulze, David Phillips, Tanner Eberle, Justin Hodgman and Evan Mosey made up

A man’s game? Why we need more women in sports journalism

As a woman trying to navigate a journey into the sports journalism industry, I often sense the underlying pressures of having to prove my knowledge of the subject.

Undoubtedly journalism is a difficult career to find your place in, and female journalists covering sport seem to have an added pressure of proving their worth against their male peers.

Talented female journalists feel discouraged from entering the world of sports journalism due to an assumption that sports coverage is only undertak

Pom and Stunt cheerleading showcase a good sign for competition season

Last Sunday, the University of Sheffield’s cheerleading teams took to the stage in the Octagon Centre for their showcase.

It was immediately clear that both Sabrecats Pom and Stunt Cheer teams had worked incredibly hard in practising their routines.

Despite a few hiccups here and there, the teams wowed spectators with their performances.

First up was Pom’s cheer dance.

With the pandemic resulting in the cancellation of Varsity in 2020 and 2021, the Cheer Dance squad finally had the opportuni

Sports Thoughts: Are women-only gyms the way forward?

Many of us have seen the extensive amount of TikTok videos of women feeling uncomfortable at their gym because of the stares they receive from men. It is evident from these videos that there is a problem.

Working out is great for our mental health and wellbeing, therefore it is disappointing to see women being discouraged from exercising because of this issue.

As a society, we need to find an answer to this problem so that women can complete their workouts in peace without having to feel anxio

Fight Preview: IBF European Heavyweight Champion Kash Ali vs Roman Gorst

Having won the title in May this year, Kash Ali looks to defend his IBF European Heavyweight Champion belt for the first time, against Roman Gorst this month.

The 29 year old, originally from Birmingham but now residing in Rotherham, made his debut on 26 November 2011. He defeated Czech Tomas Salek to win his first match after three rounds and has had an impressive career since then. His boxing record of 19-1 with 10 knockouts is enough to intimidate many potential rivals and Kash will be looki

Skateboard Society enjoy the sport's Olympic debut in Tokyo

Skateboarding made its first appearance in the Olympics this year in Tokyo. This was a perfect opportunity for the sport to gain some well-deserved recognition among the general public.

Park and street were the two categories of the sport added to the international competition.

With the average age of female competitors being around 14 and the average age of male skateboarders being under 23, the Olympic committee has made a commendable effort to encourage more enthusiasm from younger viewers.

A record breaking weekend at Silverstone Circuit for Sheffield Formula Racing

Sheffield Formula Racing had an incredibly successful weekend at the famous Silverstone Circuit in Towcester where they were crowned Winners of Formula Student 2021.

After coming 16th in the Business plan presentation and 5th in the cost and manufacturing sections of the competition, the team came first in Design which pushed them into first place for the Overall Static events.

On the sprint line, with 10 minutes left to go on before the race, the team found that their ground clearance was too

Sheffield Wednesday kick-off their pre-season with 3 new signings

With the new 2021/22 season on the horizon, Sheffield Wednesday have signed three new players this summer. Darren Moore will have to hope that these players will help to improve the squad’s success in response to the team’s relegation from the Championship last season.

Defender Jaden Brown is the latest signing for the Owls. The 22-year-old made 29 league appearances for his previous club, Huddersfield Town, in the 2020/21 season before being released this summer. Fans could see Brown make his

PREVIEW: Blades head to London to face relegation-battling Fulham | Forge Today

Sheffield United travel to Craven Cottage, on Saturday, to face Scott Parker’s Fulham in the Premier League.

With both sides currently in the relegation zone, there is equal pressure for the teams to achieve 3 points. Fulham are currently 18th in the league, 6 points behind Newcastle, and so will be looking to win this home game to avoid relegation at the end of this season.

The Blades are at the bottom of the table with 11 points but with 14 games still to play, they still have a small chance

Rent for nothing : The impact of Covid on students

The lockdown put in place after Christmas has left many students at home unable to travel back to their accommodation because of the restrictions. While preventing students from travelling back to university is understandable, it has also left many students paying for accommodation they are not living in. This is a problem experienced in both university-owned accommodation and in the private sector.

The University of Sheffield has given refunds to student living in its halls of residence which

Historical Films to add to your 2021 watchlist

The new year is a perfect time to start filling your watchlist with new films. Being a historical film buff myself, I have sifted through the streaming platforms, so you don’t have to. Here are some great options that I found to start your cinematic adventure of 2021.

This film has been out since 2018 but was only recently added onto Netflix. After finally being able to watch this film, I’m pleased to say I was not disappointed. Saoirse Ronan presents Mary’s fiery personality and determination

Black History through film

Now that Black History Month is over, I believe it is important to reflect on the lessons we have learnt during this time. One of the many ways I explored this topic was through film. Films are a great way to learn about historical time periods and events as it is very easy to sit back, grab the popcorn and get engrossed in a classic.

Platforms such as Netflix and Disney Plus provide subscribers with a wide range of films based on black history, so these were the best places for me to start loo

A guide to shopping make-up online

With the recent restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has never been a better time to shop online for make-up. Since high street shops are not able to provide testers at the moment, online shopping is all the more convenient. You can find your favourite brands on their own official websites or alternatively, sites such as and stock a mixture of brands making it easier to find your go to products.

One of the difficulties of online shopping for make-up is l

OPINION: Should celebrities be allowed to wear historic fashion pieces?

Kim Kardashian stole headlines in January after purchasing the Attallah Cross. An amethyst necklace that was previously worn by Diana, Princess of Wales. The late princess wore the necklace in October 1987 at the London charity gala for Birthright, which seeks to improve the health of women, girls and babies.

After hearing about Kim K’s recent purchase, several people took to social media to express their reactions.

One twitter user said: “Why are items like that up for sale? Shouldn't they be

International Women’s Month: Top films to fuel your female empowerment

Everyone loves a strong female lead in a film. They’re important to act as a role model for young people, showing that females can be independent and boosting the confidence of viewers. March marks International Women’s Month, there is no better time to celebrate the best female leads of all time:

The Hunger Games saga is a well-known piece of cinematic genius. Volunteering her life to save her sister and then defying the Capitol makes Katniss Everdeen a strong survivalist. In later films, she

Netflix documentaries are changing the sporting world

If you ask someone to list the names of sports documentaries they’ve seen or heard of, Drive to Survive will almost certainly spring to mind. In five seasons, including one released this month, the impact of the documentary series on the popularity of Formula One has been phenomenal.

The fly-on-the-wall series introduced a younger audience to the motorsport, dramatically increasing TV ratings. that the average number of viewers per race has risen from 547,000 in 2018 to 928,000 in 2021 followin

FEATURE: Is there a place for politics in reality TV?

The news that Matt Hancock joined the line-up of I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here caused a massive reaction on social media.

PM Rishi Sunak told the BBC that Mr Hancock’s decision to appear on I’m a Celebrity was ‘disappointing’.

Whether you agree with his decision or not. Matt Hancock is not the only politician to join a celebrity line-up for a television show. In fact, a handful of MPs have tried reality TV, and it hasn’t done them any harm.

In 2012, Nadine Dorries also took part in I’m a

PREVIEW: the Leadmill Comedy Club 10-year anniversary

The Leadmill Comedy Club is celebrating its ten-year anniversary tomorrow with a night of top-quality stand-up entertainment.

Sheffield’s longest-running nightclub is putting on a night full of laughs with four up-and-coming comedians. A great night out for anyone wanting a good time.

Doors open at 7 pm, and the first act starts at 8 pm.

In the line-up is Dean Coughlin, famous for his podcast, The Mild High Club. Coughlin has performed all over the U.K. as well as in Australia and New Zealand

LIVE REVIEW: JP Cooper at Sheffield's Foundry

As much as I love a wild crowd, there is something special about intimate gigs that come with a chilled vibe that makes for an enjoyable night.

On Thursday, JP Cooper took to the stage at Foundry in Sheffield to create the style of gig I love the most; a relaxed atmosphere where the focus is almost entirely on the music, allowing the audience to appreciate the performance.

The British-born singer lets his music speak for itself and the gig's minimalistic setting worked well to compliment his a

Why Eloise Bridgerton is the best character in season 2 *SPOILERS*

With the release of Bridgerton season two last Friday, it has confirmed who my favourite character from the show is and why. Without further ado, let's take a look.

From the very beginning of season one, the second eldest daughter in the famous Bridgerton family, Eloise, quickly won the hearts of fans around the world and has managed to keep everyone invested in her storyline throughout the recently-released season.

But why is it that everyone is so interested in her character, and what exactl

Selling Sunset: Is reality TV good for business?

Selling Sunset is a reality TV series that first aired on Netflix in 2019. The show follows real estate brokers working for the Oppenheim Group.

The company is based in LA and sells luxurious homes to wealthy buyers and the show, based around them, leaves viewers astonished as they get a glimpse into some of the luscious homes the company sells.

The curiosity to see how the filthy rich live their lives is enough on its own to grip anybody into watching the popular show.

But as with a lot of r

The impact of a cashless society on busking

When you’re walking down a busy street in any city in the UK, one of the main things you might notice is the sound of a guitar or someone singing in the background.

Busking is a great way for upcoming artists to get their music out there and to play somewhere different outside of their bedrooms. Another benefit of busking in a town or city centre is that if you leave your guitar case open or place a hat upside down on the floor, people will drop their pennies for you.

Even though this won’t ne